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MINILINE BAG FILTER HOUSINGThe MINILINE model bag filter housing is designed for (smaller) #3 and #4 size filter bags and therefore used for low flow rate applications.  Compared to the other bag filter housings we offer, the MINILINE is very similar to the ECOLINE except it uses smaller filter bags. Sizing guidelines are flow rates up to 25 GPM for #3 size filter bags and up to 50 GPM for #4 size filter bags.

MINILINE bag filters can have either a V-Clamp style quick-opening closure or swing eye-bolts as used for the larger housings.

MINILINE bag filter housings are only available in 316SS material of construction and with ¾", 1" or 1½" FNPT (threaded) inlet/outlet connections. 

MINILINE bag filter housings have a concave evacuation cover designed to reduce ullage within the vessel, reducing spillover and inadvertent contact with the process fluid.

Optional features for MINILINE filter bag vessels are differential pressure taps, Tri-clover connections and mechanical/electro-polished interior/exterior surface finish.

The MINILINE filter housing is applicable for all nominal micron retentions, if you require a specified efficiency (99% efficient) filter media, you should use the TOPLINE design.

Please view the MINILINE pricing page for discounted pricing for complete bag filter housings.  If you require spare parts for an existing MINILINE bag filter, please refer to the MINILINE parts page for discounted pricing.

If you are not sure which type of filter housing would be most appropriate for your application, please fill out our Filter Housing Inquiry Form and we'll reply within 1-2 business days.

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