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MAXILINE HE-T DUPLEX BAG FILTER HOUSINGMAXILINE-HE-T duplex bag filters are multiple chamber filter bag housings based upon the MAXILINE-HE design that are duplexed together for continuous duty applications.  Diversion of the flow is accomplished with a single hand wheel.

The MAXILINE HE design has a swing bolt closure and a spring assisted hinge, making it very easy for personnel to open the housing and safely remove and install filter bags.   The MAXILINE-HE-T has an outlet installed as close to the floor as possible thereby keeping the filter housing height to an absolute minimum.  This feature enables personnel to remove filter bags while standing on the ground (no requirement for external scaffolding) because the filter bag chamber height is only  36" to 43" above the floor.

If your filtration requirement falls within 1 to 100 microns (nominal), also consider the  HAYFLOW upgrade option, as it may reduce the number of bag filter chambers required.

Please use the navigation menu to look-up the pricing for MAXILINE-HE-T Duplexed bag filters.

If you have an existing MAXILINE bag filter housing and require spare parts, use the navigation menu for the MAXILINE spare parts page.

If you are not sure which type of filter housing would be most appropriate for your application, please fill out our Filter Housing Inquiry Form and we'll reply within 1-2 business days.

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