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HAYFLOW is a special restrainer (support) basket design for use with special HAYFLOW filter bags.  Regular filter bag support baskets consist of a simple, traditional "basket" design.  HAYFLOW has a separate inverted "basket" mounted in the center of the restrainer (support) basket.

This results in increasing the total basket surface area by 70%.  When used with HAYFLOW filter bags, this increased surface area enable you to have 20% higher flow rates than normal, or depending upon how you look at it, a lower differential pressure than usual.

When sizing a new bag filter system, incorporating the HAYFLOW upgrade can reduce your filter housing size; as an example, if you require a (3) bag multiple filter housing for your flow rate, you would likely be able to reduce that to a 2 chamber bag filter housing.

There's initial savings in reduction of the number of bag filter chambers required and long term savings with regards to the number of filter bags required and the labor time to swap them out.  If you have an existing Eaton bag filter housing and would like to have more capacity, upgrading to the HAYFLOW design might be less expensive than installing a new bag filter.

Another benefit of the HAYFLOW upgrade is reduction of residual fluid volume within the filter bag.  A standard #2 size filter bag holds about 5 gallons of fluid - this is the potential "waste" for each filter bag replacement.  The HAYFLOW design has only 25% of the open volume that a standard #2 size bag filter has, therefore the "waste" fluid would be only about 25% or 1.25 gallons instead of 5 gallons.

The corresponding weight of a full #2 filter bag can be in excess of 40 lbs, the reduction in "waste volume" equates to a reduction in the weight of a full filter bag as well, making change-outs easier and safer.

You can upgrade most Eaton bag filter housings to the HAYFLOW design, although since the special HAYFLOW filter bags are only available in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 micron (nominal) retentions they aren't applicable to all applications.

An overview of HAYFLOW filter bags, including part numbers and pricing  is online at our sister website http://www.fd-filterbags.com.

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