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FlowlineII Filter HousingThe FLOWLINEII model bag filter housing is an "economy" version of the FLOWLINE bag filter housing.  You can use the FLOWLINEII instead of the FLOWLINE bag filter if you do not require differential pressure taps, mechanical/electro-polishing, tri-clover connections and do not want to upgrade to the HAYFLOW design. FLOWLINEII bag filter housings cost less due to advanced manufacturing techniques.

The body of the FLOWLINEII bag filter is hydroformed from a single piece of material (316SS, 304SS or carbon steel).  Hydroforming is used commonly by the automotive industry to form rigid, complex shapes using high pressure to "mold" malleable metals.  The result is a lightweight, "one piece" filter vessel - eliminating a circumference weld, reducing manufacturing costs associated with materials and labor while increasing quality.

FLOWLINEII bag filter housings have a swing bolt cover which can be hinged in any one of four positions.  The cover itself is what is referred to as an "evacuation cover" - a concave design that reduces the ullage (empty space) within the filter housing.  The advantage is twofold; there's less "wasted fluid" during a bag change and the fluid level ends up lower in the housing to reduce spillage once the cover is opened.  The cover is an investment cast component, ensuring precise, reliable sealing with concentric downwards pressure onto the bag hold-down ring.  Other standard features of the FLOWLINEII bag filter housing are a 316SS perforated restrainer (support) basket and powder epoxy coated adjustable carbon steel mounting legs.

The FLOWLINEII filter housing is applicable for all nominal micron retentions, if you require a specified efficiency (99% efficient) filter media, you should use the TOPLINE design.


splash guard for filter housingUnique to FLOWLINEII bag filter housings, the optional accessory SPLASH GUARD is available.  SPLASH GUARD is a safety cover easily attached to FLOWLINEII bag filter housings to help protect personnel from unexpected pressurized spray and discharge with increased eye and face protection.  The SPLASH GUARD part number and pricing is found on the FLOWLINEII spare parts page.

Please view the FLOWLINEII pricing page for discounted pricing for complete bag filter housings.  If you require spare parts for an existing FLOWLINEII bag filter, please refer to the FLOWLINEII parts page for discounted pricing.

If you are not sure which type of filter housing would be most appropriate for your application, please fill out our Filter Housing Inquiry Form and we'll reply within 1-2 business days.

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