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FLOWASH INDUSTRIAL FILTER CARTFLOWASH portable filter carts provide a convenient option for emptying and transferring industrial fluids such as machine tool coolant, waste water, paints and coatings and wastewater from sumps, pits and reservoirs. FLOWASH portable filter carts quickly empty or fill drums, barrels and totes.

FLOWASH portable filter carts enable personnel to easily move the bag filter pump station to wherever it is required, instead of installing multiple stations by each process.


FLOWASH basic filter carts utilize an electrically operated self-priming end suction centrifugal pump designed to pump and filter water-like fluids up to 30 GPM at 75 PSI and 180°F.

FLOWASH industrial filter carts utilize an air-operated diaphragm pump designed to pump and filter water-like fluids up to 45 GPM at 125 PSI and 150°F.  FLOWASH industrial filter carts also include a strainer for pre-filtration.

The design of the FLOWASH portable filter carts are based upon the FLOWLINEII bag filter design.  The pump draws the fluid from its source and pumps it through the FLOWLINEII bag filter for filtration to as low as 1 micron nominal retention prior to discharge.  A complete listing of filter bags are listed online at Eaton Filter Bags.com.

You can decrease the frequency of filter bag changes with the HAYFLOW upgrade option if your filtration requirement falls within 1 to 100 microns (nominal).

Please use the navigation menu to look-up the pricing for FLOWASH portable bag filter systems.

If you have an existing FLOWASH bag filter housing and require spare parts, refer to the spare parts for FLOWLINEII bag filter housings.

If you are not sure which type of filter housing would be most appropriate for your application, please fill-out our Filter Housing Inquiry Form and we'll reply within 1-2 business days.

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