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BAG FILTER HOUSING ACCESSORIESPerhaps one of the most overlooked aspect of bag filter housings are the accessories available for improving performance.

Displacement Balloons reduce volume of carry-out loss during filter bag changes.  A #2 size filter bag has a volume of approximately 5 gallons, in addition to the added weight when changing the filter bag, that fluid is often discarded with the filter bag.  The displacement balloon significantly reduces this wasted volume and also results in a much lighter, easier filter bag replacement.

Bag Positioners are a REQUIREMENT for absolute retention filter bags such as ACCUGAF and PROGAF filter bags, helping to keep the filter bag positioned correctly within its' restrainer (support) basket.

Magnetic Inserts are powerful rare earth magnetic assemblies suspended within the filter bag, attracting ferrous particles, both alleviating filter bag loading in addition to increasing filtration efficiency due to magnetic attraction.

The following accessories can be used with any of Eaton's' bag filter designs.

XL0000805 01 Displacement Balloon (VK1116), 316SS $454.29
XL0000804 02 Displacement Balloon (VK1216), 316SS $547.59
XL0000798 01 Bag Positioner (EBH11), 316SS $145.15
XL0000797 02 Bag Positioner (EBH12), 316SS $212.06
XL0000938 02 Bag Positioner (PROGAF/LCR-500), 316SS $302.54
XL0000800 01 Bag Positioner w/Magnetic (9300 Gauss), 316SS $1,111.21
XL0000799 02 Bag Positioner w/Magnetic (9300 Gauss), 316SS $1,158.33
XL0001443 02 Magnetic (2000 Gauss) with rubber caps, 316SS $434.49
XLN111SS90M Additional Magnet bar 01 (9300 Gauss), 316SS $1,032.98
XLN121SS90M Additional Magnet bar 02 (9300 Gauss), 316SS $1,081.99
XDK12DG-316 Size 02 bead blasted basket (9/64), 316SS $759.66
XDK12DG Size 02 electro-polished basket (9/64), 316SS $777.56
XL0000584 Bag hold down ring 3-point (MAXILINE™ ONLY), 316SS $222.43
XABMBF Bag hold down ring 2-point (MAXILINE™ ONLY), 316SS $253.53
8164301036 Hex nuts (each), Zinc plated steel, each 1" - 8UNC, SA 193 GR B7 $7.54
  Swing eye bolts (each), Zinc plated, SA 193 GR B7 POA
L0000537 Bag Retainer Wrench $84.83

If you are not sure which type of filter housing would be most appropriate for your application, please fill-out our Filter Housing Inquiry Form and we'll reply within 1-2 business days.

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